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Sample Guardianship Contract

Ownership and all rights and interest to the Dog shall remain with Dreamdoods until such time as Dreamdoods shall, by bill of sale or other written evidence of transfer, assign full ownership of the Dog to GP.  Any puppies born to the Dog shall be the sole and separate property of Dreamdoods and GP shall have no ownership or interest of possession rights to any such puppies.  At the fulfillment of this agreement Dreamdoods will desex and transfer full ownership of Dog to GP by way of an official document


Terms and Conditions


Food, Supplement and Nutrition

  • GP agrees to provide the Dog with a high-quality kibble diet, NOW Fresh Food, GO Solutions Food, or a comparable premium brand approved by Dreamdoods. Alternatively, a RAW or cooked diet prepared to Dreamdoods' satisfaction is acceptable. Any dietary changes during the contract period require mutual agreement between GP and Dreamdoods.

  • GP agrees to maintain Dog on NUVET PLUS Immune System Builder for the entirety of its active participation in the Dreamdoods Breeding Program.

Exercise, Physical and Mental Wellness

  • GP shall ensure the Dog receives regular exercise and socialization with other dogs and people. Basic obedience training including commands such as sit, come, stay, recall, kennel, and potty training. These actions support the Program's commitment to the overall well-being and quality of life for our dogs

  • GP shall provide the Dog with routine maintenance and preventative veterinary care, including worming, grooming, annual vaccines, heartworm, and flea/tick prevention (collectively "Standard Care"). Dreamdoods shall be solely responsible for any veterinary expenses in connection with breeding the Dog.


  • For Females: GP is responsible for detecting a heat cycle, keeping the dog away from intact males for the duration of the cycle, notifying Dreamdoods immediately on the commencement of the cycle and at their own expense transport the Dog to-and-from Dreamdoods address for 7-10 days. 

  • For Females: The GP shall, at their own expense, transport the Dog to Dreamdoods address 5 days before the start of the Dog’s whelping (birthing) window for a stay of approximately 5.5 weeks, except alternate transportation arrangements have been made by Dreamdoods. 

  • GP shall provide Dreamdoods with prompt and comprehensive updates regarding the Dog's health, well-being, breeding-related testing, scheduling, mating, whelping, and any other matters relevant to breeding throughout the term of this Agreement.

  • GP shall maintain consistent communication of updates through photos, delivered via the Dogs' Instagram profile, email, or text messaging 

  • GP must notify Dreamdoods of any changes to the GP’s home address aforementioned in this Agreement and/or other absences from the area that may affect the Dog’s availability (i.e., planned vacations).

  • In the event of the Dog's emergency, injury, or illness, GP shall:
    Promptly seek appropriate veterinary care.
    Immediately obtain and present Dreamdoods with all treatment options for decision.

Breeding Completion

  • For Females: The Dog, upon reaching the age of two (2) years, shall be deemed eligible to commence her breeding career. GP acknowledges and agrees that the breeding obligation under this Agreement shall be fulfilled upon the successful completion of four (4) litters by the Dog. 

  • For Males: The Dog, upon reaching the age of one (1) year, shall be deemed eligible to commence his breeding career. GP acknowledges and agrees that the breeding obligation under this Agreement shall be fulfilled upon the successful completion of five (5) active years of breeding by the Dog.

Dog Security

  • GP shall at all times maintain secure control of the Dog, using leash, fence, or other appropriate means to prevent escape. GP assumes full responsibility for the Dog's safety and well-being.

  • Microchipping the Dog requires Dreamdoods' prior written consent via email. 

Relinquishment and Rehoming

  • Guardian Parent may, at any time, relinquish custody of the Dog by providing Dreamdoods with written notice at least 30 days prior to the desired relinquishment date. Guardian Parent retains full custody and responsibility for the Dog until a new home, authorized by Dreamdoods, is found. 


  • GP shall refrain from any desexing procedures on the Dog unless express written consent is provided by Dreamdoods through the official email address. A breach of this term may result in Dreamdoods legally seeking monetary damages

  • GP shall not be liable for any financial obligations under this Agreement if the Dog dies accidentally due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, as verified by a veterinarian chosen by both parties.

  • Dreamdoods will cover the cost of spaying/neutering the Dog upon successful completion of its contractual duties. In the event of the Dog's retirement prior to fulfilling its contractual duties, GP shall be solely responsible for the cost of spaying/neutering the Dog.

Termination and Return

  • Dreamdoods retains the right to terminate this guardianship arrangement and request the immediate return of the Dog, at its sole discretion, upon the occurrence of any of the following events:
    If Dreamdoods has reasonable grounds to believe the Dog is not being well cared for, maltreated, or neglected by GP.
    If GP breaches any material term or condition of this agreement.

  • If Guardian Parent breaches any term of this Agreement or denies Dreamdoods access to the Dog for any reason, Dreamdoods may immediately terminate this Agreement with notice to Guardian via email. Upon termination, Guardian Parent shall immediately return the Dog to Dreamdoods at mutually agreeable locating and time, at their own expense. Failing which, the Guardian shall pay the breeding value price of the Dog i.e, $10,000

Litter Bonus

  • Upon the successful whelping and weaning of a litter birthed by or sired by the Dog, Dreamdoods shall, at its discretion and from net litter proceeds, provide GP with a monetary bonus i.e $350

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