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Applying For a Puppy

Our Application Process

Submit an Puppy or Waitlist application and let us know which Puppy or Litters interest you.

We will review your application and contact you via email or phone as secondary contact to ask any further questions we might have to ensure a good match can be made for you and a Dreamdoods puppy and/or let you know your application has been approved.

Pet puppy price ranges from $2550-$3000 (HST Included)

We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold the puppy you like or to secure your spot on the Waitlist. The deposit is applied to the total pet puppy price.


For the people on our waitlist, when the puppies are born, you will be notified with photos of the litter /puppies to follow.  You will be able to reserve the puppy you like after this. Puppy video call visits with your chosen puppy begins at 3-4 weeks old and will continue once a week until Go Home Day. Frequent updates in pictures and videos will be shared through our Instagram and Facebook pages.  

The balance payment is due when your chosen puppy is 6 weeks old.  Dreamdoods reserves the right to release your spot on the Waitlist if payment is not received at when due.  For any puppy being adopted after the age of 6 weeks, the full pet puppy price is due to confirm adoption. 

Puppy Selection Process:Compatibility Focused 

At about 4 weeks of age when puppies have grown a bit more into their looks and personalities we will begin our virtual visits. The first visit will be when families make their choices in the order we received reservations. We will introduce the puppies and make offers to families based on our evaluation of the puppies' temperament and personality taking into account the family's wants, needs, lifestyle, application details, email correspondence, phone conversation as considerations.  Puppy-Parent compatibility is of extreme importance to us.  

A good puppy-parent match means a great relationship, shared enjoyment of daily activities, increased happiness, reduced stress, and a stable co-existence. People who enjoy a good relationship with their dogs are less likely to give them up. The good news is that the nature of the Dreamdoods program allows for well tempered, deeply socialized family pets which means differences in personalities remain temperament positive!  As temperament testing is very subjective and can change with maturity and future experiences, puppies are informally observed and evaluated based on our years of knowledge and lived experience with our puppies and dogs. 

Visitation Policy

We do not operate a kennel style traditional facility therefore we do not have regular business hours for people to stop by. Our puppies are raised in our private family homes. To protect the health of our dogs/puppies, for the safety / privacy of our families and due to the rise of the pandemic, we do not allow physical visits. We conduct weekly virtual puppy visits with our families until Pick Up Day.  


Frequent updates in videos and pictures will be made available on our social media. Our weekly virtual visits have proven to be one of the favorite parts of the adoption experience for our adoptive families as they get the opportunity to watch their babies grow and change! We will provide a pick up address to people who have committed to adopting one of our puppies. We appreciate your understanding! 

Your Dreamdoods Puppy Will Come With:

  • 1 Year genetic health guarantee

  • Veterinary health check

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

  • Age appropriate worming treatments

  • Puppy health record

  • Crate exposure

  • Introduction to potty training using a clean environment and use of a potty box and introduction to crate training.

  • Grooming exposure

  • 30 day complimentary pet insurance 

  • Starter supply of puppy’s current food

  • Dreamdoods Puppy Kit includes:

    • Collar

    • Puppy blanket with litter scent

    • Sample supplements

    • Quality toys

    • And a lifetime of support for the wellbeing of your pet!

Worldwide Delivery 

It has been an absolute joy to see our puppies find the perfect forever homes within and outside Canada. We are thrilled to hand-deliver your puppy right to your door or to an Airport near you in North America and Worldwide (where possible)! 


Ultimately, the method of your puppy's delivery will hinge on location and the best possible transportation experience for puppy.  We are happy and equipped to deliver your puppy to your home or an airport near you.  You are welcome to fly in and take your puppy home as a carry-on. We can meet you at the Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and Ottawa International Airport (YOW). Delivery fees vary based on location.  Fee will include any required certificates, transportation and carrier.  Let us know on your Puppy Application if you need your pup delivered or contact us today to find out how we can get your puppy to you! 

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