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Popularly considered canine Einsteins, the Aussiedoodle is a highly intelligent, athletic, loyal, and glamorous cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.  Poodles and Australian Shepherds are amongst the top five most intelligent Dog Breeds which is inherited by the Aussiedoodle.  Due to their intelligent nature, Aussiedoodles benefit more from having "jobs".  They thrive and are at their best when busy learning new things and/or pleasing their parents.   A combination of their witts and eagerness to please allows them to be easily trainable. Aussiedoodles are always up for exciting adventures and make excellent hiking partners given their athletic nature. Aussiedoodles also make incredible companion dogs given how quickly they bond to a specific human or two.   


To enjoy & experience the Aussiedoodle in her full capacity, adequate exercise, socialization, early obedience and positive reinforcement training is necessary. If one can commit to these then one is guaranteed a truly wonderful lifelong companion. 




Aussiedoodles are one of the most diverse Doodle Breeds when it comes to color! Commonly recognized coat colors include black and white, red and white, blue merle, red merle, chocolate, and chocolate and white. Coat patterns can also be expressed as Tri colour or Phantom. Similar to coat color, there are varieties in coat/fur texture .


Some Aussiedoodles may have long hair like the Australian Shepherd, tight curls like the Poodle, or wavy fur that’s somewhere in between. Coat texture will defer based on the generation.  For example an F1 Aussiedoodle is likely to have long wavy-straight fur whereas an F1B or second generation Aussiedoodle is likely to have more curly fur. The more poodle in the mix - the more curly the fur. Lastly, Aussiedoodles usually have strikingly beautiful eyes!

Aussiedoodle Puppy and young boy doing homework
Puppy and little boy in front of a laptop

Other Fun Facts

❈ 100% indoor dogs.  Love being around their humans

❈ Can be protective of their humans

❈ High intelligence & trainability 

❈ Make friends very easily

❈ They like to work 

❈ Will invade your personal space for cuddles.

❈ Fiercely loyal

❈ Make wonderful companion dogs

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