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Waitlist Buyer Commitment Form

Join our Priority Waitlist to be guaranteed a puppy! See our Planned Litters for the Doodle puppies we expect in 2024! We deliver Worldwide

Are you a Breeder or intend to Breed?
Is there anyone with severe dog allergies in the home?
What Doodle Hybrid are you most interested in adopting?
What Doodle generation are you looking for?
Preffered size?
What gender do you prefer?
What coat type are you looking for?
What energy level are you hoping for in a future puppy?
I understand that I am completing this form to reserve a spot on a waitlist for a litter upcoming
I understand that Dreamdoods cannot guarantee a timeline for when I recieve my puppy because heat cycles and pregnancy successes are up to nature and out of Dreamdoods direct control. Dreamdoods guarantees that I will recieve my puppy
I understand Dreamdoods reserves the right to price it's puppies
I understand and agree that Dreamdoods will reach out to me within 24-48 hours with information necessary to submit my $500 deposit pending the approval of this application
I understand that my $500 will be applied towards the final purchae price of my puppy and that it is non refundable under any circumstance but transferable to any other litter of my choice
I understand that Dreamdoods will contact me via email when my litter of preference becomes available and that I have a 72 hour window to respond to whether I am choosing from the litter. Otherwise Dreamdoods may move on to the next family in line and I may have to wait for the next available litter.
I understand that "Go Home Day" is determined by Dreamdoods and is at the time puppy is 8 weeks old. I agree to pick up my puppy on said Day.
I understand that I must give Dreamdoods a copy of my itenary in reasonable time if I am flying in to pick up my puppy. If I've chosen local pick up then Dreamdoods will provide me with a pick up location
I understand that the balance on my chosen puppy is due when he/she is 6 weeks old.
I understand and agree that Dreamdoods reserves the right to determine acceptable payment method(s)

Thanks! Check your email for our response.

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