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Litter Plans 2024

These are PLANNED Litters for the year 2024.  We will go for litters with a good number of people on the waitlist. Therefore, we strongly advise that you add your name to more than one waitlist.  Our Waitlist Application form will give you the option to add the litter(s) you are most interested in. We can deliver your puppy to you anywhere in the worldStay tuned for our litter plans for the second half of the year or send us an email to find out:


Please note that these are approximate litter arrival time frames. We prefer to keep a reasonable amount of people on our waitlists as the goal is to provide puppies in reasonable time. Please only apply if you are sure you are ready to adopt within a year!

Did you know? Joining our waitlist locks in 10% off pet puppy price!


Check back here for Upcoming Litters 2025 or send us an email


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Lock in pet puppy price

Time to plan ahead

Easy transfer to any litter

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Reserve a puppy by completing our Waitlist Application. We advise applying for more than one litter of preference. We are equipped to deliver your puppy to you anywhere in the world!

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