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Health. Temperament. Beauty in Color!


Dreamdoods is a thoughtful and responsible Hybrid Dog Breeding Program powered by a community of dog lovers. We are whole health and temperament focused. Our passion is providing families healthy, well adjusted Doodles of exceptional quality whom will be delightful life companions. To meet our goals and stay true to our principles, we decided to operate our program in a holistic and collaborative manner with the wellness of our dogs in mind. Our program was designed around its primary purpose which is ensuring our parent dogs live full lives as beloved family pets in Guardian Homes and providing each litter of puppies with one-on-one rearing experience. To achieve this, we raise our puppies in our home or the home of a member on our Puppy Care Team with the aim of providing our puppies great attention and all the love and care they need in this delicate and formative time of development. By so doing, guaranteeing you a well-adjusted generational pet familiar with ALL aspects of family life. 

Dreamdoods attractions include: Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle, and Aussie Bernedoodle (Australian Mountain Doodles) puppies of different sizes and generations. Our dogs are extensively health tested to guarantee we are providing you with a healthy puppy. 


Our Approach

Welcoming home a well-adjusted adorable puppy that fits right in to your family just a bit more magic to the adoption experience! To achieve this with our puppies, we partner with families in our network who raise a litter of puppies from their homes where needed thereby ensuring a more intimate experience for both puppies and their parents-to-be. Our hybrid holistic approach and puppy culture has proven effective over the years and has allowed us continue to provide you with healthy, confident and beautiful pets who waste no time settling in so that you can skip right to making memories!.  

We strongly believe that doing everything in our power to be responsible to our dogs is first priority. Every single parent is selected with great care from parents with wonderful temperaments and then matched with Guardian families who care for them throughout their time in our program and beyond.  

puppy blanket

Puppy Culture

With the nature of our program all our puppies are by default human motivated and this is due to how they are nurtured and the careful manner in which their parents are selected and raised. From the time puppies are born, we work hard at showering them with lots of love attention, interaction and care. With each litter being raised by a member of our Care Team there is increased bonding with humans.  We believe that going over and beyond in giving puppies the best kick-start to life (in all senses of the word) goes a long way in letting them know that humans are full of love and the world isn't a scary place! 

 Our puppies are raised to be confident and independent, fed premium quality food, handed daily and always surrounded by our children and dogs. To achieve confident well adjusted puppies we expose them a range of stimuli and situations time and time again i.e, experiencing new environments, sounds, textures, movements,  being handled in different ways e.t.c. Puppies are also introduced to baths, nail cutting, brushing, the kennel, potty training and socialized with bigger dogs. On occasion we take puppies on errands for car exposure and exposure in dog friendly stores.  We do everything in our power to ensure puppies learn about the world they'll inhabit by allowing them explore and exposing them to as many new experiences as possible before they join their forever families. 

Happy smiling puppy being tickled

Adopt an intentionally raised puppy from a leading holistic Breeding Program


Puppy Care

A first of its kind breeding program model

Dreamdoods is the pioneer of a first-of-its-kind holistic breeding program model. We developed a comprehensive approach to breeding puppies that takes into account all aspects of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It involves a division of labor that includes a dedicated team of experienced Puppy Handlers responsible for raising each litter of puppies in a family home setting. 

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