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Bernedoodle Puppies for Adoption


Bernedoodles, a mix between Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, inherit a delightful combination of traits that make them excellent family companions. Despite their size, Bernedoodles possess a calm and affectionate demeanor. They're known for being patient with children, making them great playmates for young ones.  Berneoodles form strong bonds with their humans and always aim to please. They can thrive in apartments or larger homes. Another major perk for families with allergies, Bernedoodles have hypoallergenic hair, reducing allergy triggers. 
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Fruit Litter by Trilli x Pecunia

Born June 11 and ready for home August 10.  Size at maturity is 45-50lbs. Available for pick up in Kawartha Lakes ON. FREE delivery to the Ottawa are around Go Home Day and delivery options Canada-wide and Worldwide where possible. 

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