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Aussiedoodle Puppies for Adoption


Aussiedoodles make for highly intelligent, highly trainable, loyal, fun loving pets. Their friendly temperaments make them suitable for households with children and other furry friends.  They are super adaptable in the sense that they can be the active hiking partners, walks and playtime companions in the park however they can also adapt to a calmer lifestyle as long as their exercise needs are met.  Another major perk for allergy sufferers, Aussiedoodles have hair that is allergen friendly and considered hypoallergenic. Learn more about the Aussiedoodle Hybrid here


FlavourFULL Litter by Cedi x Para

Born June 9 and ready for home August 3. Size at maturity is 35-45lbs. Available for pick up in Kawartha Lakes ON.  FREE delivery to the Ottawa area around Go Home Day and delivery options Canada-wide and Worldwide available. 

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Start the process of adopting your delightful forever companion today! See our other available puppies here.

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