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In spite of a serious dislike for exhibitionism, I have been implored by many acquaintances, puppy parents and friends to add this “about us” page to our website to introduce myself and explain how and what the Dreamdoods program is about. So here it goes!


My name is Semi. I graduated with a degree in Arts and Science with a concentration in Gender & Equity studies from the University of Toronto. In the past, I worked in retail on a part time basis as a full-time university student before moving into quality assurance in technology development where I was responsible for ensuring Ontario governments department of consumer digital services solutions met accessibility standards and subsequently, I joined my partner in running our recruitment and headhunting firm as under our registered business name “Talent Boulevard”.  So, if you are hiring or your organization is in need of extra hands to help meet hiring goals you can contact me. 

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The "Dreamdood" Story


In summary, DreamDoods is a “profit for purpose” (not for profit)  business initiative built on cooperative relationships amongst people and revenues are utilized to fund important social projects that may never be considered by governments or businesses. More on this later.  So, becoming a dog breeder was never a plan, it is something that happened to me and I am grateful for. I officially started DreamDoods in 2015 to share the personality and intelligence of my “Dream Dood - Lincoln” with interested neighbors, friends and anyone interested in having such a wonderful pet in their lives. What I mean by this is as follows. I was fortunate to adopt a “perfect” dog I refer to as my “DreamDood”. He quickly became the darling of everyone who met him, initially I thought this was how every other doodle was. Everyone who met him wanted to know more about him. I had people driving by and getting out of their vehicles to stop and inquire about him. So, I’d just tell them he is a golden-doodle you can contact his breeder or just search online if you can’t commit to 20hr drive across country. Until a support dog trainer said to me that he is the perfect support dog who never got one hour of official training to be one. This became imperative when he helped alert a neighbor pet-sitting him on a weekend that her granny was having a serious health emergency

We are not getting a snake!

I have been a dog lover for as long as I can remember! I understand first hand the healing, companionship and unconditional love our four legged friends selflessly and happily provide us. When my sons came into my life and insisted we needed a pet, it became hard to push the inevitable ahead. They initially wanted a snake (yikes) then came back with wanting a cat which I did not mind but my partner had serious allergies.  After years of resisting the pressure we researched and tested with different breeds and when it worked with doodles we realized we had found a match! 

How it all started...

According to Master Oogway in the movie Kungfu panda, “There are no accidents”. This is a quote I believe very strongly in. As I said above, breeding happened to me but it wasn’t a plan. Even though I had been asked to breed or allow Lincoln be a stud, I never considered it as I was scheduling to have him neutered at 18 months.  After his 1st birthday, I received a text from a friend asking if my puppy was intact, and attached an image of a litter of 11 red puppies with markings very similar to my dood “Lincoln”. I received the text because Lincoln was the only dog that had visited and had been around the neighbors’ white poodle. When we looked back the timing aligned perfectly.  After health examinations and confirmations, these puppies were adopted out to interested and qualified parents by the girl's parents at no cost. 

After the girl's parents overcame their anger and disappointments and with ALL the lovely feedback from the puppy parents on their pups, the girl's parents insisted they wanted to have a puppy from their girl and Lincoln as a second family pet. I eventually agreed to it mainly not wanting to deprive other families of wonderfully perfect pets and they picked him up to do his thing for a second time. The second litter was larger and but their temperament remained as lovely and spending some time with the pups created an obsession in me but I thought... I couldn't run a breeding program from my then residence. One day as I was sulking about owning a farm or a larger home to have multiple dogs, my partner (trusting my creative prowess a bit too much) told me to create a unique program and that I did not need to do it the way established breeders did theirs (*light bulb moment*). He ended his speech by saying "use what you have and cocreate with others, you are great with that". Then it dawned on me immediately that I could create a program by partnering with likeminded dog lovers. And so Dreamdoods the program, was conceived. 


Tech Sis and Breeder 

My process improvement skills kicked in and I began designing a program built on collaborative/cooperative relationships and division of tasks. I knew that one essential component of “Lincoln’s” upbringing was that his parents were house pets and as thus he was raised in the home, and although I did not have the space I could work with likeminded individuals interested in raising well socialized pet in their homes. Then I came across more information on “guardian homes”. After studying this for a while, I decided to build the “DreamDoods” program. Within our cooperative partnerships we have guardian parents, breeding facilitators, whelping / care team partners, trainers and veterinary professionals. Everyone contributes their own skills optimally to ensure that we achieve a better standard with every litter, guaranteeing healthy and well socialized pups. It has been hectic ride to this point with high highs and low lows but I and everyone else that has partnered with me and still partnering with me to this point have made this program the darling of its followers and well wishers and to them all I send daily prayers of love, joy, peace and gratitude. 

Meet Lincoln

The original Dream Dood

Profit for Purpose

As mentioned earlier, DreamDoods as a business is a “profit for purpose” initiative and by this, I mean that for every profitable litter, after operating expenses and all statutory obligations are met all that is left is invested in other projects. As a Canadian of African origin, I have always been concerned about language extinction and while little can be done to revive oral languages that have become extinct, I have dedicated my time, personal income and profits from DreamDoods after all statutory deductions and operating expenses to protect, preserve and expand vulnerable and endangered languages at risk of falling out of use. For more on this project please visit

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More on the initiative...

We began working on an independent publishing organization with the simple objective of translating classic books into vulnerable oral based native African and other Indigenous languages with the aim of publishing through established direct publishing platforms like KDP, IngramSpark, Apple Books, Google Play Books etc. However, I quickly realized these platforms supported only dominant languages and to overcome this challenge, I started to build the eGHOTA Self-Publishing Platform with a focus on preserving native languages of African peoples, First Nations peoples of Canada and all of the Americas. This platform is also a profit for purpose project and just like my other initiatives the proceeds after all deductions will fund the development of an already designed multimedia streamer where users can buy and read ebooks, listen to audiobooks etc.


One important feature of the publishing platform is our language mine designed as an indigenous language encyclopedia with contents contributed and maintained by a community of linguistic subject matter experts through open collaboration. The content of this mine will eventually be made available to established language learning platforms like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Babel etc. for the expansion of their reach and also to tech companies in the localization of their platforms. We have also completed the design of an online school in the mold of that will provide education and academic content from around the globe into indigenous languages. We believe that this sort of platform can be useful to people in conflict zones controlled by terror groups like Boko Haram and ISIS where education in western languages is prohibited. 

As a puppy parent you are involved

 If you want to know more and support our initiatives, you can go over to where we will continue to provide updates on our ideas and initiatives. In conclusion, when I say that DreamDoods is more than just a breeding program this what I am talking about. Your pet is contributing to a cause greater than just being your companion. You are directly supporting a real change in the world. When you adopt your pup from DreamDoods he or she is not just your best friend but truly humanity’s best friend.


Every idea is fantastical until it becomes a product, it is then that everyone begins to ask themselves why no one thought about it earlier on. I and my team continue to challenge ourselves to dream and document our ideas because if you can think it then you can do it. Our DreamDoods breeding program experiment is a testament that nothing is impossible and thinking differently is free. 

Thanks for reading,




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