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The Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.  The Goldendoodle earned notoriety from her highly affectionate nature and allergen friendly coat.  Along with being affectionate, the Goldendoodle is also intelligent, friendly, gentle and trains easily making her a good choice for novice dog parents, families with small children and experienced canine families alike.  Ever active and playful, Goldendoodles fit well into any family setting. Along with proving to be excellent family dogs, Goldendoodles are also diverse working dogs. They have achieved success as guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs e.t.c.  

Goldendoodles crave human interaction and are at their best when their social and physical needs are met.  A Goldendoodle is an ideal pet for families who spend a lot of time with their dog.  They are usually highly social and don't have any issues in the friend making department. Watch out as they can take over and lead your social life!




Goldendoodles are popular for the teddy bear gold hue. However, because the Poodle can range in color other common Goldendoodles shades include: black, white, brown, cream, red and red abstract. In some cases, Goldendoodles can even be multi-coloured.  One of the most popular appeals of the Goldendoodle is their lustrous low-shed coat.


A Goldendoodle can have very curly, poodle-like locks or inherit a more wavy mane from their retriever parent although coat textures tend to be more curly on the F1B (+) generational level.  The most popular eye color for Goldendoodles is brown.  Goldendoodles are ideal for families looking for the "big teddy bear" look!


Other Fun Facts

❈ Originally bred as a larger alternative to the Cockapoo

❈ Make the best play mates

❈ Crave human interaction

❈ Extremely friendly

❈ Natural athletes

❈ Love the water

❈ Ideal service pets

❈ You'd have a hard time finding a more loving companion

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